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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 0.7.1
    OBS 0.7.1
    * You can now use blank RTMP stream keys
    * Changed volume meter to use decibels
    * Added scaling filters (bicubic, lanczos)
    * Added advanced audio properties dialog box (in the Edit menu), with features
      such as force mono, volume past 100%, and the ability to set the audio sync
      offset for each audio source
    * Fixed a bug where a source's audio would not unmute when switching to a scene
      where that same audio source was in use
    * Fixed possible FLV corruption bug that could happen under certain
    * Fixed a potential crash that could happen when either recording or streaming
      was stopped
    * Optimized frame output pipeline to ensure that no frames are unintentionally
      duplicated due to thread scheduling, improved the accuracy of frame timing,
      and improved the handling under higher CPU usage (and high-CPU presets)
    * Fixed a few user interface flaws with the properties window where the
      properties section would get too big of would expand past its limits
    * Fixed a user interface flaw with the volume mixer where the volume controls
      would expand to the right if the name was too long, making the volume sliders
      difficult to use
    * Optimize frame handling of asynchronous video sources (such as video from
      capture devices), reducing CPU usage from what it was
    * Projects now save whenever streaming/recording is started, and also at every
      20 second interval
    * Fixed a UI bug where double-clicking with buttons other than the left button
      would still open up the properties of sources in the source list
    * Added new rewritten version of the game capture plugin, with improved
      performance and new features such as:
        - multi-adapter compatibility options (SLI/laptop)
        - option for pre-capture scaling (mostly for multi-adapter mode)
        - option for framerate limiting (also mostly for multi-adapter mode)
        - option to capture third-party overlays such as steam
        - option to automatically detect and capture any fullscreen window rather
          than have to select the window manually each time
        - safer hooking that's less prone to crashes in the target process, and
          that's safe to use with other hooks
    * Added fast windows 8+ monitor capture support
    * Added a 'Buffering' option to device capture that allows the user to select
      whether the signal should be buffered/timed or played right away
    * Added an Activate/Deactivate button to device capture instead of it always
      being on
    * Fixed an issue where the HD-PVR Rocket would not start up or shut down
    * Allow capturing of different X servers
    * Improved multi-monitor support
    * Fixed possible crash when loading fonts for the text plugin
  • 0.6.4
    391dc0f2 · Update to 0.6.4 ·
    OBS Multiplatform 0.6.4
    * Fixed a crash that could happen if you start a recording while streaming
  • 0.6.3
    37ffc7b4 · Update to 0.6.3 ·
    OBS Multiplatform 0.6.3
    General Changes:
    * Added some preliminary doxygen configuration files to the repository (leonhard)
    * Added 'rename' entry to scenes context menu (Palana)
    * Added 'remove' entry to scenes context menu (Palana)
    * Fixed 'remove' (del) shortcut to work on both scenes and sources (Palana)
    * Fixed a crash on startup that could happen due to certain font files (Jim)
    * Fixed a major audio/video sync bug, and fixed various potential issues with sync in general (Jim/leonhard)
    * Made it so that auto-updates use the delta update data if available (Palana)
    * Made it so instead of renaming, double-clicking a source now opens the properties (Palana)
    * Fixed an issue where syphon would be partially transparent, and added an option to enable transparency if desired (Palana)
    * Fixed 'remove' context shortcut on OSX (Palana)
    * Made various improvements to how syphon captures, and it will now remember and capture the last program it was set to capture (Palana)
    * Added a "Use system timing" option to v4l2 plugin that can optionally fix some frame timing problems that can occur with certain linux drivers (Jim)
    * Fixed an issue where v4l2 plugin frames could buffer more than intended when switching devices, causing the output to appear more and more delayed (leonhard)
    * Made it so that the v4l2 plugin detects device disconnection/reconnection, and will reconnect the device and update properties accordingly when that occurs (leonhard)
  • 0.6.2
    OBS Multiplatform 0.6.2
    * Fixed a bug that would cause sources to sometimes either not draw transparency when supposed to, or draw transparency when they weren't supposed to [Palana]
    * Fixed keyboard shortcut conflict for 'show recordings' and 'remux recordings' in the file menu [Palana]
    * Fixed a memory leak when opening/closing the remux window without having remuxed anything [Palana]
    * Do not draw a source outline in the preview if the source has no size [Palana]
    * Added properties (such as monitor selection) to monitor capture [h4ndy]
    * Added the udev helper library to the V4L plugin, allowing the ability to detect whether devices were unplugged or replugged [leonhard]
  • 0.6.1
    2e2b4a5e · Log dropped frame count ·
    OBS Multiplatform 0.6.1
    General Changes:
    * Added a remux option in the menu to allow remuxing file formats on the fly [Palana]
    * Added an option to disable constant bitrate (if wanting to just record for example) [Jim]
    * Removed the use of a specific OpenGL extension which would cause many systems to fail to load, improving compatibility certain older nvidia GPUs and many intel integrated GPUs [Jim]
    * Significantly improved the libobs API to be more consistent and use better type handling [Jim]
    * Made major improvements to timing handling of async video sources [Jim]
    * Added dropped frames to log files [Jim]
    Mac specific changes:
    * Added an auto-update framework for mac [Palana/Faruton]
    * Added syphon capture source [Palana]
    * Completed the DirectShow plugin, which includes support for capturing and decoding major USB 2.0 devices such as Hauppauge HD-PVR 1, 2, Rocket, as well as the Roxio devices. [Jim]
    * Removed dependency on specific D3DCompiler DLLs so that the need to get the DirectX SDK is no longer necessary [Jim]
  • 0.6.0
  • 0.5.1
    b9c9ec33 · Update version to 0.5.1 ·
    OBS 0.5.1
    * Fixed a flaw where no fonts could be loaded unless you had fontconfig installed via ports/brew.  Also, Jim needs to make sure to test builds on non-development machines. (Jim)
    * Fixed a crash that could happen if a font file wasn't able to load for whatever reason. (Jim)
  • 0.5.0
    6e7f2e1c · Update to 0.5.0 ·
    OBS 0.5.0
    * Added mac window capture source (palana)
    * Added cropping and auto-cropping to macdesktop capture (palana)
    * Added more linux v4l2 video device capture capabilities (fryshorts)
    * Added text source (paibox)
    * Added File -> "Show Recordings" menu entry (palana)
    * Added File -> "Show Log Files" menu entry (palana)
    * Added advanced encoder settings to UI (Jim)
    * Added more logging information for the sake of diagnostics (Jim)
    * Added logging of system information on linux (fryshorts)
    * Fixed some issues with log uploading to github (palana)
    * Fixed a crash that would happen if you tried to check for updates more
      than once (Jim)
    * Fixed many linux v4l2 video device capture issues (fryshorts)
    * Fixed some bugs with obs-x264 plugin, specifically setting custom
      settings (Jim)
    * Fixed a crash that would happen if trying to start up OBS with 10.7 or
      below, it will now hopefully warn users to update to the required
      version instead (Jim)
    * If Direct3D fails to initialize on windows, fall back to OpenGL (Jim)
    * Check for valid video sizes when initializing video to prevent users
      from entering in invalid values (Jim)
    * Update information on status bar when recording (palana)
    * Preserve source settings if plugin removed (palana)
    API and backend related changes:
    * Removed visual studio projects and make it exclusively use cmake
    * Made project dependencies automatically copy to output directories on
      windows via cmake to make compiling the project much less painful
    * Improved libobs API consistency, make all major API functions use
      similar/consistent naming patterns (Jim)
    * Added automatic output scaling feature to outputs/encoders, if this
      feature is enabled on an output or encoder, it will automatically
      rescale the video data.  This will allow the creation of multiple
      outputs with different resolutions in the future.  (Jim)
    * Updated install instructions (Jim/BtbN)
  • 0.4.2
    5da8d145 · Fix update checck bug ·
    OBS 0.4.2
    * Fix issue where windows version would check for mac updates and vise
  • 0.4.1
    a5a7ba46 · Update to 0.4.1 ·
    Hotfix release:
    * Fix transparency not working with image sources (Jim)
    * Add support for more devices with mac video capture devices (Palana)
    * Localization correction for image lpugin (andy-kliman)
    * Fix scene editing display issues on some systems (Palana)
    * Fix a crash that can happen with a user's first run (Jim)
  • 0.4.0
  • 0.3.1
  • 0.2.4