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      Add system file for the new belize3 · d63d8368
      Christopher Subich authored
      This adds belize3.sh, a system file for the newly-built belize3, using
      the g++ compiler.
      As a usage note, blitz requires python to build successfully.  As of
      this writing, python is only available on belize3 with `module load
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      Update dependencies to Blitz 1.0.2 and update to new MPI standard · 937c04ae
      Christopher Subich authored
      This commit updates make_deps.sh to build newer versions of Blitz (1.0)
      and fftw (3.3.9).  The 2010 version of Blitz no longer builds with the
      newest versions of GCC, and there is no harm in updating FFTW.
      The newest versions of Blitz (github head) require cmake to
      build, and some systems still in use have old, incompatible versions of
      cmake.  Blitz 1.0.2 requires python to complete its build process (some
      files are auto-generated).
      The new version of Blitz dropped the blitz::Vector type, being
      equivalent to a 1-dimensional array, so it was replaced with
      blitz::Array<type,1> instead.
      Additionally, the Parformer (parallel transpose) code was adjusted to no
      longer use MPI_UB to define the upper bound of the array section
      datatype.  MPI_UB was deprecated in the MPI-2 standard and removed in
      the MPI-3 standard, so SPINS could fail to build with some new MPI
      libraries (OpenMPI 4.0.3 is confirmed to break).
      Because this commit updates dependencies, the patch version is
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