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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 5.62.3
    070b1ba5 · Mark version 5.62.3 ·
    Version 5.62.3
    ### Bug fixes
    Give the editor a `translate=no` attribute to prevent automatic translation from modifying its content.
    Give vim-style cursors a width that matches the character after them.
    [merge addon]( Make buttons keyboard-accessible.
    [emacs bindings]( Fix by-page scrolling keybindings, which were accidentally inverted.
  • 5.62.2
    d2705524 · Mark version 5.62.2 ·
    Version 5.62.2
    ### Bug fixes
    [lint addon]( Fix a regression that broke several addon options.
  • 5.62.1
    50aa8c0a · Mark version 5.62.1 ·
    Version 5.62.1
    ### Bug fixes
    [vim bindings]( Make matching of upper-case characters more Unicode-aware.
    [lint addon]( Prevent options passed to the addon itself from being given to the linter.
    [show-hint addon]( Improve screen reader support.
    [search addon]( Avoid using `innerHTML`.
  • 5.62.0
    434d3e8a · Mark release 5.62.0 ·
    Version 5.62.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Improve support for vim-style cursors in a number of themes.
    ### New features
    [lint addon]( Add support for highlighting lines with errors or warnings.
  • 5.61.1
    9b57f4b1 · Mark version 5.61.1 ·
    Version 5.61.1
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix a bug where changing the editor's document could confuse text-direction management.
    Fix a bug in horizontally scrolling the cursor into view.
    Optimize adding lots of marks in a single transaction.
    [simple mode addon]( Support regexps with a unicode flag.
    [javascript mode]( Add support for TypeScript template string types, improve integration with JSX mode.
  • 5.61.0
    eac70bb1 · Mark version 5.61.0 ·
    Version 5.61.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Improve support for being in a shadow DOM in contenteditable mode.
    Prevent line number from being read by screen readers.
    [show-hint addon]( Fix a crash caused by a race condition.
    [javascript mode]( Improve scope tracking.
    ### New features
    The library now emits an `"updateGutter"` event when the gutter width changes.
    [emacs bindings]( Provide named commands for all bindings.
  • 5.60.0
    51fdbcc2 · Mark version 5.60.0 ·
    Version 5.60.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix autofocus feature in contenteditable mode.
    [simple mode addon]( Fix a null-dereference crash.
    [multiplex addon]( Make it possible to use `parseDelimiters` when both delimiters are the same.
    [julia mode]( Fix a lockup bug.
    ### New features
    `setSelections` now allows ranges to omit the `head` property when it is equal to `anchor`.
    [sublime bindings]( Add support for reverse line sorting.
  • 5.59.4
    96c0e346 · Mark version 5.59.4 ·
    Version 5.59.4
    ### Bug fixes
    Give the scrollbar corner filler a background again, to prevent content from peeping through between the scrollbars.
  • 5.59.3
    77f7eaf8 · Mark version 5.59.3 ·
    Version 5.59.3
    ### Bug fixes
    Don't override the way zero-with non-joiners are rendered.
    Fix an issue where resetting the history cleared the `undoDepth` option's value.
    [vim bindings]( Fix substitute command when joining and splitting lines, fix global command when line number change, add support for `:vglobal`, properly treat caps lock as a modifier key.
  • 5.59.2
    48487ee8 · Mark version 5.59.2 ·
    Version 5.59.2
    ### Bug fixes
    Don't try to scroll the selection into view in `readonly: "nocursor"` mode.
    [closebrackets addon]( Fix a regression in the behavior of pressing enter between brackets.
    [javascript mode]( Fix an infinite loop on specific syntax errors in object types.
    various modes: Fix inefficient RegExp matching.
  • 5.59.1
    bd37a96d · Mark version 5.59.1 ·
    Version 5.59.1
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix an issue where some Chrome browsers were detected as iOS.
  • 5.59.0
    e49f2950 · Mark release 5.59.0 ·
    Version 5.59.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix platform detection on recent iPadOS.
    [lint addon]( Don't show duplicate messages for a given line.
    [clojure mode]( Fix regexp that matched in exponential time for some inputs.
    [hardwrap addon]( Improve handling of words that are longer than the line length.
    [matchbrackets addon]( Fix leaked event handler on disabling the addon.
    ### New features
    [search addon]( Make it possible to configure the search addon to show the dialog at the bottom of the editor.
  • 5.58.3
    a53e8606 · Mark version 5.58.3 ·
    Version 5.58.3
    ### Bug fixes
    Suppress quick-firing of blur-focus events when dragging and clicking on Internet Explorer.
    Fix the `insertAt` option to `addLineWidget` to actually allow the widget to be placed after all widgets for the line.
    [soy mode]( Support `@Attribute` and element composition.
    [shell mode]( Support heredoc quoting.
  • 5.58.2
    264022ee · Mark version 5.58.2 ·
  • 5.58.1
    1c60749b · Mark version 5.58.1 ·
    Version 5.58.1
    ### Bug fixes
    [placeholder addon]( Remove arrow function that ended up in the code.
  • 5.58.0
    76590dcb · Mark version 5.58.0 ·
    Version 5.58.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Make backspace delete by code point, not glyph.
    Suppress flickering focus outline when clicking on scrollbars in Chrome.
    Fix a bug that prevented attributes added via `markText` from showing up unless the span also had some other styling.
    Suppress cut and paste context menu entries in readonly editors in Chrome.
    [placeholder addon]( Update placeholder visibility during composition.
    ### New features
    Make it less cumbersome to style new lint message types.
    [vim bindings]( Support black hole register, `gn` and `gN`
  • 5.57.0
    7f525bb7 · Mark version 5.57.0 ·
    Version 5.57.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Fix issue that broke binding the macOS Command key.
    [comment addon]( Keep selection in front of inserted markers when adding a block comment.
    [css mode]( Recognize more properties and value names.
    [annotatescrollbar addon]( Don't hide matches in collapsed content.
    ### New features
    [vim bindings]( Support tag text objects in xml and html modes.
  • 5.56.0
    772d09e6 · Mark version 5.56.0 ·
    Version 5.56.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Line-wise pasting was fixed on Chrome Windows.
    [wast mode]( Follow standard changes.
    [soy mode]( Support import expressions, template type, and loop indices.
    [sql-hint addon]( Improve handling of double quotes.
    ### New features
    [show-hint addon]( New option `scrollMargin` to control how many options are visible beyond the selected one.
    [hardwrap addon]( New option `forceBreak` to disable breaking of words that are longer than a line.
  • 5.55.0
    41077c86 · Mark version 5.55.0 ·
    Version 5.55.0
    ### Bug fixes
    The editor no longer overrides the rendering of zero-width joiners (allowing combined emoji to be shown).
    [vim bindings]( Fix an issue where the `vim-mode-change` event was fired twice.
    [javascript mode]( Only allow `-->`-style comments at the start of a line.
    [julia mode]( Improve indentation.
    [pascal mode]( Recognize curly bracket comments.
    [runmode addon]( Further sync up the implementation of the standalone and node variants with the regular library.
    ### New features
    [loadmode addon]( Allow overriding the way the addon constructs filenames and loads modules.
  • 5.54.0
    a5497d1c · Mark version 5.54.0 ·
    Version 5.54.0
    ### Bug fixes
    Improve support for having focus inside in-editor widgets in contenteditable-mode.
    Fix issue where the scroll position could jump when clicking on a selection in Chrome.
    [python mode]( Better format string support.
    [javascript mode]( Improve parsing of private properties and class fields.
    [matchbrackets addon]( Disable highlighting when the editor doesn't have focus.
    ### New features
    [runmode addon]( Properly support for cross-line lookahead.
    [vim bindings]( Allow Ex-Commands with non-word names.
    [gfm mode]( Add a `fencedCodeBlockDefaultMode` option.