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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • backlog
    Use for tasks that are next in the pipeline once a task in progress is completed and closed.
  • bug
    Use to describe a known bug to be understood and fixed
  • Use to describe a potential collaboration with someone, some group or some industry
  • control
    Use for issues related to robotic controllers
  • critical
    High priority task
  • documentation
    Use for issues that contain mainly information that would be useful to find later on. Potentially things that would be nice to be put in a wiki.
  • epic
    A big task that will required many sub tasks to be completed
  • Use if it has been identified some equipment is needed for that task
  • estimation
    Use for robotic estimators
  • event plan
    Use when an event is in the horizon and requires planning
  • Use for planning of an experiment that might required specialised setup or changes in the space.
  • for review
    Use for tasks that would benefit from another point of view. Is a request for someone else to verify or read its contents
  • going places
    Use when some hardware is expected to travel
  • hardware issue
    Use when a problem related to hardware has been discovered.
  • ice box
    Use for storing tasks that might worth doing at some point in time but are not going to be tackled soon.
  • in progress
    Use for active tasks
  • planning
    Use for issues related to robotic planners
  • Use to write down description of ideas and process of a scientific paper to be written.
  • Use to review and analyse a paper that might be useful to implement.
  • software issue
    Use when a problem in software has been discovered.