Commit 27c9ffd4 authored by Chris Shantz's avatar Chris Shantz
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Update with newer versions of Drupal.

parent 31367b05
......@@ -449,12 +449,12 @@ cat > manifests/ <<EOF
profiles='drupal7 drupal7alt drupal7os'
for profile in \$profiles
drush dl -v -d drupal --destination="/var/www" --drupal-project-rename="\$profile"
drush dl -v -d drupal-7.54 --destination="/var/www" --drupal-project-rename="\$profile"
drush dl -v -d drupal-8 --destination="/var/www" --drupal-project-rename="drupal8"
drush dl -v -d drupal-7.52 --destination="/var/www" --drupal-project-rename="drupal7rel"
drush dl -v -d drupal-7.52 --destination="/var/www" --drupal-project-rename="drupal7lrel"
drush dl -v -d drupal-7.53 --destination="/var/www" --drupal-project-rename="drupal7rel"
drush dl -v -d drupal-7.53 --destination="/var/www" --drupal-project-rename="drupal7lrel"
## Install our base profile
profiles='drupal7 drupal7alt drupal7rel drupal7lrel'
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