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Added note for low level training

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......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ These are the minimum steps required to replicate the results for simple_interse
* To test one of these trained low-level policies, for example wait: `python3 --option=wait --test --saved_policy_in_root`
* Available maneuvers are: wait, changelane, stop, keeplane, follow
* These results are visually evaluated.
* Note: This training has a high variance due to the continuous action space, especially for stop and keeplane maneuvers. It may help to train for 0.2 million steps than the default 0.1 million by adding argument '--nb_steps=200000' while training.
* High-level policy:
* To train high-level policy from scratch using the given low-level policies: `python3 --train`
* To evaluate this trained high-level policy: `python3 --evaluate --saved_policy_in_root`.
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